The period 1000-1600 - Old Copenhagen

On this tour we trace the history of Copenhagen from the earliest town in the 11th century. Absalon builds the first castle in 1167. Copenhagen becomes the most important city in the kingdom, which for some periods covers all of Scandinavia. The Hanseatic merchants are dominating the foreign trade. Copenhagen becomes the centre of religious conflict, which evolves into a civil war. After the civil war the Denmark-Norway becomes Lutheran.

From Højbro Plads the tour goes through the old streets at the harbour. From here we pass the German centre in Vimmelskaftet on our way to the western part of the old city, where the Church of St. Peter is, the city's oldest. From here to Nørregade, where the bishop's palace was placed. Then via Gråbrødre Torv to the House of the Holy Ghost, the city's hospital. We pass Amagertorv with the fish and vegetable market and end the tour at Nikolaj Church, the centre of the reformation.

The tour departs from Højbro Plads at the Absalon statue every Saturday at 10 am in June.
It is available as a private tour through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. all year round. For more information look at private tours & events.