The 15th century - Medieval Elsinore

In the 15th century the Danish kings rule over all of Scandinavia. Elsinore (Helsingør in Danish) becomes one of the largest cities in the kingdom after the introduction of the Sound Dues. The Hanseatic merchants are dominating the foreign trade. The walk focuses on the 15th century, but on the tour we trace the history of Elsinore from 1400 until today. You will hear about big trade, Shakespeare, shipbuilding, and the present cultural city.

From Havnepladsen the tour goes along Gl. Færgestræde - one of Elsinore's old, narrow streets with buidings from the 15th century. We turn right along Stengade with buildings from around 1500. The walk continues along Strandgade which used to be right next to the sea. Then along Stengade and Sct. Anna Gade to Sct. Olai Church, Elsinore's oldest Building. From here the tour goes to the Carmelite Monastery from the 15th century - Scandinavia's best preserved. We pass The Culture Yard - once a shipyward it is now a cultural centre - and end the tour in front of Kronborg Castle, built to make sure that the ships paid the tariff, and the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

The tour is available as a private tour through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. all year round. For more information look at private tours & events. The meeting place is Havnepladsen at the Svea column.