Private walking tours, events, quizzes and talks

Private sigthseeing walking tours, events, quizzes and talks in Copenhagen and Elsinore (Helsingør) can be booked. Events are arranged to match your specific needs and wishes. Examples of events are the civil war in Denmark in the 1530’s arranged as a role play, a H.C. Andersen-orienteering race, or a historical treasure hunt in Copenhagen or Elsinore.

Private tours, events, quizzes and talks in Copenhagen or Elsinore are arranged by appointment.

Book a walking tour or event in Copenhagen or Elsinore:

Contact historian Christian Holm Donatzky for reservations and more information.

Tel. +45 28 49 44 35

The price for an ordinary private tour is DKK 3.000/€ 400. Book a tour from the catalogue of sightseeing walking tours in English in Copenhagen and Elsinore. The program for the open scheduled tours in Copenhagen can be seen at walking tours in English.

Christian Holm Donatzky also gives talks about the history of Denmark and Sicily and can be booked as guide for private groups in Sicily in the winter season. For more information about Sicily look here.

Søren Kierkegaard

Book a private sightseeing walking tour in Copenhagen or Elsinore/Helsingør. History Tours offers historical tours about different periods, events, and persons like Søren Kierkegaard and Hans Christian Andersen.