18th century Copenhagen – Absolute Monarchy

On this walking tour historian Christian Holm Donatzky tells about Copenhagen in the 18th century during the Absolute Monarchy. Copenhagen is ravaged by two large fires in 1728 and 1795. For that reason many of Copenhagen’s buildings are dated from the time after this. The city is marked by building projects of the absolute monarchy, while the trends in culture and politics are coming from France and the Enlightenment.

From Højbro Plads the sightseeing tour goes through Laksegade, rebuilt after the fire in 1795. From here to Kongens Nytorv which became the cultural centre in the city in the 18th century. From Nyhavn we walk to Frederiksstaden, built in the 1750’s and named after the absolute monarch, Frederik V. We walk through Amaliegade to Amalienborg, the heart of Frederik’s town. Originally built for nobles, but since 1794 royal residence. From here to the harbour front with the big warehouses. The tour returns to Amaliegade, where we visit the old Frederik’s Hospital. We end the tour in Fredericiagade with the old opera house.

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