Copenhagen 1800-2023 – Hans Christian Andersen

On this walking tour historian Christian Holm Donatzky tells about the history of Copenhagen in the period 1800 till today with special focus on the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Copenhagen becomes a cultural centre, with Andersen striving to be recognised. The city is growing. The gates and the ramparts of the city are demolished. In this period democracy is introduced in Denmark and Copenhagen. Denmark is engaged in conflicts with big powers in Europe – Britain and Germany. We trace the history of Copenhagen until today when it is a vibrant city in the EU.

Sightseeing tour in Copenhagen about Hans Christian Andersen

Where does the sighseeing tour go?

From Højbro Plads the sightseeing tour goes through the quarter around Nikolaj Plads, where H.C. Andersen lived as a young man. We then walk by Christiansborg, home of the national democracy. We walk trough Rådhusstræde and pass the city court and former City Hall. We continue through Nørregade with the Cathedral of Our Lady. We walk through Studiestræde to Vester Voldgade. From here we can look towards Dagmarhus, the German headquarters during the occupation of Denmark. The tour ends at the statue of Hans Christian Andersen next to the City Hall.


The tour departs from Højbro Plads at the Absalon statue Saturday 19 August and 26 August at 10 am.
The walking tour in Copenhagen about the period 1800-2023 and Hans Christian Andersen is available as a private tour through booking all year round. For more information look at private tours & events. The complete program for the open scheduled tours in Copenhagen can be seen at walking tours in English.