16th century Copenhagen – The Reformation

On this walking tour historian Christian Holm Donatzky tells about Copenhagen in the 16th century, when the Lutheran Reformation took place. The first part of the century is characterised by religious conflict. This is the starting point for the civil war in the 1530’s, in which the citizens of Copenhagen play a significant part. After the civil war the Danish-Norwegian kingdom becomes Lutheran; an event that has consequences for the society.

From Højbro Plads the sightseeing tour goes to the area of the navy’s old shipyard and to King Hans’ vineyard in Vingårdstræde. From here we go to Nikolaj Church, the centre of the Reformation in Copenhagen. The walk passes Amagertorv, the fish and vegetable market. From here we go to the House of the Holy Ghost, the city’s hospital. Then to Gråbrødre Torv, where the city’s largest monastery was placed. The tour continues to Gammeltorv – Old Square – the most important market place – and Frue Plads, where the old bishop’s palace was. From here to the Church of St. Peter. The tour ends at Jarmer’s Tower, a remain from the fortification of the 1520’s.

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