20th century Copenhagen – Rule of the People

On this walking tour in Copenhagen historian Christian Holm Donatzky tells about Copenhagen in the 20th century when the democracy became a real rule of the people. Men and women of all classes now have the opportunity to influence political decisions on local and national level. After the dark time under the German occupation emancipation becomes a keyword in debate and politics.

From Højbro Plads the sightseeing tour goes to Christiansborg, home of the national democracy, which became a real people’s democracy in the 20th century. We continue via Stormgade and Vester Voldgade to Rådhuspladsen, the City Hall Square. We continue down Jernbanegade. An area full of entertainment with Dagmar, Scala, the Circus Building, the Palads Theatre, and Tivoli. We pass the central railway station, the traffic centre of Copenhagen. We walk through Reventlowsgade to Halmtorvet, where we will get a good impression of the diversity of life in Copenhagen.

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