20th century Copenhagen – Niels Bohr

On this walking tour in Copenhagen, historian Christian Holm Donatzky talks about Niels Bohr – Denmark’s greatest scientist in the 20th century. In 1922, Niels Bohr received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his insight into the structure of atoms. He became a beacon in the international physics world, made Copenhagen a center for quantum physics and helped change our worldview. The new discoveries in physics changed society. During World War II, he had to flee, and although he was involved in the work of making the atomic bomb, he was preoccupied with openness between nations.

Byvandring i København om Niels Bohr

 Where does the sighseeing tour go?

From Højbro Plads, the sightseeing tour first passes Bohr’s birth home on Ved Stranden. The walk continues to the National Museum – Bohr was a member of the committee responsible for the collection for the expansion of the museum. Next, the tour passes the Society of Sciences, to which Bohr had a lifelong affiliation, and he was the society’s chairman for 23 years. The walking tour continues to Central Station, where Bohr received physicists such as Einstein and Schrödinger. The walk continues to the City Hall Square and Frue Plads in front of the University of Copenhagen, where the trip ends at the bust of Niels Bohr.

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