19th century Copenhagen – Søren Kierkegaard

On this walking tour in Copenhagen historian Christian Holm Donatzky tells about Søren Kierkegaard. On the walking tour the participants hear about the life and works of the great philosopher and father of existentialism, about his relationship with other notable people such as Hans Christian Andersen, and the big events of his time – the Napoleonic Wars and the introduction of democracy.

From Højbro Plads the tour goes to the Garden of the Library with the statue of Søren Kierkegaard. From here we walk in Kierkegaard’s footsteps in the streets he walked so often to most of Kierkegaard’s residences. We pass the home of his childhood at Nytorv. From here the tour goes to Skindergade, where he had his last apartment, and The Church of Our Lady. We walk along Nørregade, where he lived when he wrote Either/Or. The tour continues to Kultorvet, where he lived as a student and where he wrote a review of one of Hans Christian Andersen’s novels. We end the tour at another Kierkegaard residence at Rosenborggade.

The walking tour in Copenhagen about Søren Kierkegaard is available as a private tour through booking all year round. For more information look at private tours & events. The program for the open scheduled tours in Copenhagen can be seen at walking tours in English.