The catalogue of walking tours in English

Book a historical sightseeing walking tour in English in Copenhagen or Elsinore/Helsingør. The following tours can be booked as private tours:

Copenhagen 1000-1600 – The Old City
15th century Elsinore – The Middle Ages
16th century Copenhagen – The Reformation
17th century Copenhagen – The Renaissance
Copenhagen 1600-1800 – Royal City
18th century Copenhagen – Absolute Monarchy
19th century Copenhagen  – The Golden Age
19th century Copenhagen – Søren Kierkegaard
Copenhagen 1800-2000 – Battle of Copenhagen 1807
Copenhagen 1800-2020 – Hans Christian Andersen
20th century Copenhagen – Rule of the People

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For more information look at private tours & events. The program for the open scheduled tours in Copenhagen can be seen at walking tours in English.